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Full Lifecycle Software Development

Full Lifecycle Software Development

What we mean by full lifecycle software development is that we are able to help any or all of the areas associated with the development of an application and that we are self-managed. Our team is well versed both in agile and waterfall project management as well as a unique hybrid approach that tends to work well in corporate environments.

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Let us demonstrate our capability

Let us demonstrate our capability...

If any of the questions below intrigue you, or if you have Liferay in your environment and want to take the user experience and functionality to the next level, reach out to us at Echelon Consulting. We are very interested in the challenges you are facing or the opportunities you are aiming to materialize, and will gladly serve as your sounding board.

What if...

You could leverage Liferay Mobile SDK, Liferay Push, built-in security, and Liferay's content management engine to build stellar mobile apps.

What if...

You could leverage Liferay Portal to create a co-creation platform that combines the latest thinking of the top social networks and yet stores everything in your data center.

What if…

You could leverage Liferay Portal and Solr to implement a cutting-edge enterprise search platform.

​What if…

You could leverage Liferay Portal to create a living-and-breathing knowledge and sharing platform.

What if…

You could make Liferay Portal look and feel stunning regardless of device.

What if…

You could capture metrics in your own data center, but still leverage your Google Analytics (GA) skills.

Well...you can. We would be happy to show you how Liferay Portal can be used in innovative ways to achieve an exemplary, multi-device user experience while leveraging in-house applications.

Software Support

Software Support 2

We offer an extremely flexible approach when it comes to application support.

Here are just a few models:

  • Ad hoc support – as needed, when needed
  • Formal SLA-based support covering anything from set hours each day all the way to 24x7x365 coverage

The mediums we offer cover the gamut:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email

We also offer a unique program where a portion of each month's preset support hours can be converted to development time. This is especially helpful in situations where each year's budget needs to be planned well in advance, and you want to have the flexibility of making enhancements to your applications.

Echelon Ahmedabad, India

Echelon Ahmedabad, India 2

After successfully setting up and managing Echelon Consulting, LLC. since 1997 in the U.S, Amin Negandhi (Co-Founder) setup Echelon BPO (India) in 2006 to provide round-the-clock support for a client with offices worldwide. Echelon BPO, which is the Indian arm of the U.S. based Echelon Consulting, focuses on the growing domestic BPO sector/IT activities along with catering to the requirements of the existing clients from industries such as Management Consulting, Airlines, Legal Services and the Hospitality industry. Echelon BPO applies an excellent business framework that helps our clients to reduce costs without compromising on the quality.

Echelon BPO's service offerings include:

  • Inbound customer service
  • Outbound services
  • E-mail support
  • Chat support
  • Software testing
  • Technical support
  • Tier 2 support


  • Cameras at the reception and workstation area that cover the entire office
  • Polycom phones for communication
  • State-of-the-art setup near Prahladnagar (S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad)
  • VPN connectivity for secure communication with clients
  • Cisco Switch and router
  • The building itself has 24 hours security
  • Internet connectivity – Fiber optic based as well as RF in case of outage